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Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Corporation

panasonic industrial devices sales company of america is one of the industry's largest suppliers of standard and custom electronic components.



Manufacturers: Panasonic Electronic Components

Description: TCO 250VAC 1A 115C(239F) AXIAL

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

EYP-1BF115 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 1A 115C(239F) AXIAL 70185 0.34000 Inquiry

EYP-2BN082 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 2A 86C(187F) AXIAL 66167 0.34000 Inquiry

SDF DF128S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 128C(262F) AXIAL 133535 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF104S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 104C(219F) AXIAL 42587 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF100S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 100C(212F) AXIAL 34117 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF144S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 144C(291F) AXIAL 34242 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF141S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 141C(286F) AXIAL 23767 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF084S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 84C(183F) AXIAL 22267 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF098S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 98C(208F) AXIAL 13765 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF184S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 184C(363F) AXIAL 12310 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF119S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 119C(246F) AXIAL 9582 0.55000 Inquiry

DFP10112 TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. TCO 250VAC 139C(282F) RADIAL 3075 0.63000 Inquiry

L5012824DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 128C(262F) CYLNDR 1052 6.62000 Inquiry

EYP-05BE115 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 0.5A 115C(239F) AXIAL 32632 0.30000 Inquiry

EYP-2BN143 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 2A 145C(293F) AXIAL 46335 0.34000 Inquiry

EYP-2BN110 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 2A 115C(239F) AXIAL 10115 0.34000 Inquiry

EYP-2BN109 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 2A 114C(237F) AXIAL 5845 0.34000 Inquiry

SDF DF091S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 91C(196F) AXIAL 8157 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF152S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 152C(306F) AXIAL 6037 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF192S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 192C(378F) AXIAL 3485 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF240S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 240C(464F) AXIAL 2652 0.55000 Inquiry

SDF DF072S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 72C(162F) AXIAL 2590 0.55000 Inquiry

L5007224DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 72C(162F) CYLNDR 637 6.62000 Inquiry

L5007724DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 77C(171F) CYLNDR 440 6.62000 Inquiry

L5018424DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 184C(363F) CYLNDR 325 6.62000 Inquiry

L5011024DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 110C(230F) CYLNDR 200 6.62000 Inquiry

L5010024DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 100C(212F) CYLNDR 140 6.62000 Inquiry

L5015224DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 152C(306F) CYLNDR 137 6.62000 Inquiry

L5010424DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 104C(219F) CYLNDR 205 6.62000 Inquiry

L5009124DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 91C(196F) CYLNDR 172 6.62000 Inquiry

L5017024DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 170C(338F) CYLNDR 102 6.62000 Inquiry

L5011924DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 119C(246F) CYLNDR 70 6.62000 Inquiry

L5009824DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 98C(208F) CYLNDR 100 6.62000 Inquiry

RTP200R060SA-2 Littelfuse Inc. TCO 32VDC 205C(401F) SMD 34200 0.37500 Inquiry

SDF DF077S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 77C(171F) AXIAL 23306 0.55000 Inquiry

L5014424DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 144C(291F) CYLNDR 62 6.62000 Inquiry

L5016724DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 167C(333F) CYLNDR 35 6.62000 Inquiry

L5008424DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 84C(183F) CYLNDR 2016 6.62000 Inquiry

L5014124DELB0XE Cantherm TCO 250VAC 15A 141C(286F) CYLNDR 50 6.62000 Inquiry

EYP-05BE101 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 0.5A 102C(216F) AXIAL 125900 0.10549 Inquiry

EYP-2BN099 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 2A 102C(216F) AXIAL 124626 0.10550 Inquiry

EYP-2BH145 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 0.5A 145C(293F) RDL 120484 0.11170 Inquiry

EYP-05BE134 Panasonic Electronic Components TCO 250VAC 0.5A 134C(273F) AXIAL 120294 0.11170 Inquiry

SDF DF066S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 66C(151F) AXIAL 61886 0.21866 Inquiry

SDF DF110S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 110C(230F) AXIAL 62069 0.21866 Inquiry

SDF DF170S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 170C(338F) AXIAL 59548 0.21866 Inquiry

SDF DF216S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 216C(421F) AXIAL 60789 0.21866 Inquiry

SDF DF228S Cantherm TCO 250VAC 10A 228C(442F) AXIAL 61743 0.21866 Inquiry

MTR1 R95 Cantherm TCO 250VAC 3A 98C(208F) RADIAL 38639 0.33201 Inquiry

MTR1 R105 Cantherm TCO 250VAC 3A 108C(226F) RADIAL 40028 0.33201 Inquiry