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B&B SmartWorx, Inc.

B&B SmartWorx, Inc.

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Manufacturers: Quatech-Division of B&B Electronics


Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

ACH2-AT-DP003-G Quatech-Division of B&B Electronics ANTENNA 5DBI RUBBER DUCK RP-SMA 440 10.81000 Inquiry

T6155AM-LTE-S Nearson Inc. ANTENNA RUBBR DUCK SWIVEL SMA 2760 11.55000 Inquiry

AGGP.35F.07.0060A Taoglas Limited ANTENNA GPS PATCH IPEX MHFI SMD 1250 11.85500 Inquiry

ANT-GSMPUKS-IP67 RF Solutions ANTENNA PUCK GSM SCRW MT 3M LEAD 1320 12.63500 Inquiry

AA.161.301111 Taoglas Limited GPS GLONASS MM 3M RG174 SMA(M) 575 12.93000 Inquiry

FXUB70.A.07.C.001 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA MAX FLEX IPEX 602 13.38500 Inquiry

B4844-01 Antenova ANTENNA 2.4GHZ W/SMA 3202 13.39000 Inquiry

33-4020-00-3000 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANTENNA GPS SMA MALE 3M CABLE 375 13.45500 Inquiry

FXUB63.07.0150C Taoglas Limited ANTENNA MAX FLEX IPEX 502 10.14000 Inquiry

G30.B.108111 Taoglas Limited OLYMPIAN LTE/CELLULAR/CDMA ANT 445 13.66500 Inquiry

MA301.A.AB.001 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA GPS/5-BAND MAGNETIC MNT 840 16.49000 Inquiry

MA203W.AB.002 Taoglas Limited ANT GPS/PENTA BAND CELLULAR 487 16.68500 Inquiry

SLPT698/2170DMN Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA WIRELESS EXTERNAL 460 17.28000 Inquiry

SLPT2400/5900DMN Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA WIRELESS EXTERNAL 292 17.28000 Inquiry

AA.171.301111 Taoglas Limited ANT GPS/GLONASS/BEI RG-174 SMA,M 340 18.10500 Inquiry

TRA9023P Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA 3DB-MEG 902-928MHZ 2867 19.18000 Inquiry

TRAB806/17103P Laird Technologies IAS ANT 3DB-MEG MULTI DCS/GSM/UMTS 2227 21.18500 Inquiry

33-4421-00-3000 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANT GPS/GLONASS SMA 3M CABLE 945 21.92500 Inquiry

TL.10.1HH11 Taoglas Limited TERMINAL ROBUST ANTENNA 1120 22.35000 Inquiry

MA111.C.LB.001 Taoglas Limited SCREWMOUNT GPS 407 23.27500 Inquiry

WS.01.B.305151 Taoglas Limited ANT DUAL BAND WI-FI/ZIGBEE 737 25.03000 Inquiry

WM.90.A305111 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA CELLULAR WHIP SMA MALE 392 25.03000 Inquiry

G.21.B.301111 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 5-BAND SCREW MOUNT 292 25.03000 Inquiry

33-4721-00-3000 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANT L1/G1/B1/E1 SMA 3M CABLE 355 25.48500 Inquiry

TRA24003P Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA 3DB-MEG 2.4-2.5GHZ 570 25.79000 Inquiry

TRA6927M3PWN-001 Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA 4G/3G N(F) WHITE 3.3" 467 25.81000 Inquiry

AA.160.301111 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA GPS/GLONASS 40MHZ SMD 425 26.62500 Inquiry

TRA6927M3PBN-001 Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA 4G/3G N(F) BLACK 3.3" 567 26.66000 Inquiry

A.41.A.301111 Taoglas Limited ANT 28DB SMAM RG-174 3M SCREW MT 377 30.03500 Inquiry

A09-Y11NF Digi International ANT YAGI 11.1DBI DIR W/N-FEM CON 197 35.00000 Inquiry

MA104.C.AB.015 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA GPS/5-BAND SCREW MT 800 37.54500 Inquiry

MA241.BI.001 Taoglas Limited ANT LTE CELL/UMTS 2IN1 ADH MNT 337 40.65000 Inquiry

FG9023 Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA 5DB 902-928MHZ 865 40.80000 Inquiry

MA230.LBC.002 Taoglas Limited ANT LTS/GSM/UMTS 292 44.18500 Inquiry

OMB.6912.03F21 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 382 44.20500 Inquiry

OMB.8912.05F21 Taoglas Limited BARRACUDA 5DBI OMNI ANTENNA 132 46.55500 Inquiry

MA412.A.BI.003 Taoglas Limited STORM SCREWMOUNT 3M LTE(1&2) 150 48.77500 Inquiry

33-3710-01-01 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANT GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO 87 50.41000 Inquiry

OMB.915.B03F21 Taoglas Limited 915MHZ DIPOLE ANTENNA 267 50.58500 Inquiry

OMB.868.B05F21 Taoglas Limited 868MHZ OMNI ANTENNA 197 60.07000 Inquiry

OMB.868.B08F21 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 275 64.29500 Inquiry

MA600.A.ABC.006 Taoglas Limited ANT SPARTAN GPS/CELL/2.4GHZ SMA 185 64.66000 Inquiry

A09-F5NF-M Digi International ANT 5.1DBI 25" BASE STATION W/N 230 87.00000 Inquiry

MA741.A.BI.001 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA SCREW MNT 2G/3G/4G 207 91.60000 Inquiry

MA750.A.ABICG.003 Taoglas Limited PANTHEON 5 IN 1 ANTENNA 210 99.14500 Inquiry

33-3865-05-0150 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANT GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO 95 106.74500 Inquiry

A09-F8NF-M Digi International ANT 8.1DBI 65" BASE STATION W/N 172 108.50000 Inquiry

33-3870-01-11 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANTENNA GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 210 152.49000 Inquiry

RFECA3216060A1T Walsin Technology Corporation 2.4GHZ CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNA 5000 0.08180 Inquiry

AMCA31-2R450G-S1F-T Abracon LLC ANTENNA CHIP DIELECTRIC 2450MHZ 7500 0.08415 Inquiry