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H&D Wireless AB

- H&D Wireless AB offers a world class Wi-Fi solution that provides easy wireless data access to Internet. The solution is provided by HDG104 - WLAN 802.11b/g System in Package (SiP) and is deemed best in class and market leader in terms of solution size, power consumption in all modes, transmit/receive range, data transfer speed and cost.

H&D Wi-Fi solution is supported on leading Microcontroller unit platforms (MCU). Wi-Fi enabled CPU/MCU enables easy and swift access to Internet for such applications as Wireless sensors for home and industry as well as data and audio for consumer electronics. This unique combination supports the global environmental "green" trend due to fast integration, installation and activating energy saving functions in the industry and home.

H&D Wireless has leveraged strengths in low-power analog and RF design, combined with deep expertise in embedded system architecture, to develop a new suite of Wi-Fi products. H&D Wireless design is encapsulating and answers the challenges faced by embedded system designers, and the constraints of the host microcontroller driving their systems.

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

SPB105-AK-1 H&D Wireless AB WIFI BRD 802.11B/G 10PIN HEADER 135 14.49000 Inquiry

SPB104-AL-1 H&D Wireless AB WIFI SD CARD 802.11B/G 87 14.49000 Inquiry

SPB106-AP-1 H&D Wireless AB WIFI BRD W/RF ANTENNA 802.11B/G 25 14.49000 Inquiry

SPB205-AL-1 H&D Wireless AB WIFI BOARD 802.11 BGN STM32 25 14.49000 Inquiry

SPB200-AL-1 H&D Wireless AB WIFI EVK BOARD 802.11 B/G/N 20 14.49000 Inquiry

HDA820 H&D Wireless AB WIFI EVK FOR SPB820P/HDG820P 7 43.12500 Inquiry

HDA800 H&D Wireless AB KIT EVAL SPB406 BD SPB800E-BCM1 5 125.00000 Inquiry

SPB204 EVK H&D Wireless AB EVK WI-FI SD CARD WITH HDG204 3584 - Inquiry

HDG200-DN-3 H&D Wireless AB WIFI SIP 802.11 BGN 44QFN 200 17.66500 Inquiry

HDG205-DN-3 H&D Wireless AB WIFI SIP 802.11 BGN 44QFN 200 17.66500 Inquiry

HDG204-DN-3 H&D Wireless AB WI-FI 802.11 B/G SIP 75 20.23500 Inquiry

HDG104-DN-2 H&D Wireless AB WIFI 802.11B/G SYSTEM 44QFN 1448 9.23400 Inquiry

SPB800-BCP1 H&D Wireless AB RF TXRX MODULE WIFI CHIP ANT 27 12.30500 Inquiry

HDG820P-BCQ3 H&D Wireless AB RF TXRX MODULE WIFI 200 17.66500 Inquiry

SPB820P-BCQ1 H&D Wireless AB RF TXRX MOD WIFI CHIP + U.FL ANT 100 23.12500 Inquiry