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- BlueCreation is an engineering team formed by ex-CSR employees. CSR is a market leader in the connectivity sector. We specialize in Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and other embedded wireless technologies and their interactions with Smartphone and Tablets (including iPhones®, iPads®, iPods® and Android phones) and other similar equipment.

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

BC127-DISKIT001 BlueCreation DISCOVERY KIT FOR BC127 17 150.00000 Inquiry

BC118-DISKIT001 BlueCreation EVAL KIT BLUETOOTH 42 93.28000 Inquiry

BC188-DISKIT001 BlueCreation DISCOVERY KIT BC188 20 93.28000 Inquiry

BC127-DEVKIT001 BlueCreation DEVELOPMENT KIT FOR BC127 26 495.00000 Inquiry

BC127 BlueCreation RF TXRX MOD BLUETOOTH CHIP ANT 1346 9.75000 Inquiry

BC118 BlueCreation RF TXRX MOD BLUETOOTH CHIP ANT 3485 3.77325 Inquiry

BC188 BlueCreation RF TXRX MODULE WIFI TRACE ANT 1657 8.10550 Inquiry