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B&K Precision

- Founded in 1951 B&K Precision Corporation has built a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of high-quality, reliable and cost-effective test and measurement products. The company's products are used in a wide range of applications including design, research and development, production line testing, industrial maintenance, and electronic field service. B&K Precision also manufactures and supplies electronic equipment brands Anaheim Scientific, Global Specialties, and Cal-Test Electronics.

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

TL89K1 B&K Precision KELVIN CLIP TEST FIXTURE FOR BEN 541 24.50000 Inquiry

USB2RS B&K Precision USB TO SERIAL (RS232) ADAPTER 7 14.50000 Inquiry

SASPVS B&K Precision SOLAR ARRAY SIM SOFTWARE 2 147.50000 Inquiry

TLBSB B&K Precision BRASS SHORTING BAR 2 4.50000 Inquiry

RKPVS B&K Precision PVS RACKMOUNT KIT 17 32.50000 Inquiry

MDL002 B&K Precision MAINFRAME EXTENSION 5 625.00500 Inquiry

RK153 B&K Precision BRACKETED RACK MOUNT KIT (FOR MD 30 35.00000 Inquiry

TL89F2 B&K Precision 4-TERMINAL LOW PROFILE TEST FIXT 2 47.50000 Inquiry

TL89T1 B&K Precision TRANSFORMER TEST FIXTURE FOR 894 2 47.50000 Inquiry

IT-E151 B&K Precision RACK MOUNT KIT FOR 1785B - 1788 20 39.50000 Inquiry

AK40G B&K Precision USB TO GPIB ADAPTER 20 100.00000 Inquiry

MDL001 B&K Precision MAINFRAME 17 812.50500 Inquiry

LC 29B B&K Precision CARRY CASE FOR HANDHELD DMM 120 8.87500 Inquiry

IT-E132B B&K Precision USB INTERFACE KIT, 1785B-88, 913 102 28.58500 Inquiry

TLPWR1 B&K Precision HC TEST LEAD SET 60A 2M SPD CONN 60 44.50000 Inquiry

CC510 B&K Precision GEN PURPOSE FUNCTION GEN KIT 15 84.50000 Inquiry

DR1DIO B&K Precision ANALOG DGTL I/O INPUT CONTROL CA 285 45.00000 Inquiry

XLNTB B&K Precision SOLDERLESS OUTPUT CONNECTOR 302 45.00000 Inquiry

ATR-2485 B&K Precision RS 232 TO RS 485 ADAPTER 288 46.50000 Inquiry

LC 210A B&K Precision CARRY CASE FOR O'SCOPE/ANALYZER 260 48.50000 Inquiry

CC545 B&K Precision GENERAL PURPOSE PWR SUPPLY ASSY 256 49.50000 Inquiry

PX 2650 B&K Precision ROLL PAPER FOR PT 2650/2650A 270 49.50000 Inquiry

DRGL B&K Precision GPIB/LAN CARD 255 52.50000 Inquiry

CC500 B&K Precision GENERAL PURPOSE BNC AND N ADAPT 203 62.50000 Inquiry

DR2DIO B&K Precision ANALOG DGTL I/O INPUT CONTROL CA 210 62.50000 Inquiry

DRRS232 B&K Precision INTERFACE CARD RS232 513 25.00000 Inquiry

DRRS485 B&K Precision INTERFACE CARD RS485 512 25.00000 Inquiry

RK02 B&K Precision RACK MNT FOR BENCH DGTL 462 27.50000 Inquiry

DRRM2U2 B&K Precision RACKMNT KIT FOR TWO 2U INSTRUMEN 442 29.00000 Inquiry

DRRM3U2 B&K Precision RACKMNT KIT FOR TWO 3U INSTRUMEN 449 30.00000 Inquiry

DRRM2U1 B&K Precision RACKMOUNT KIT FOR ONE 2U INSTRUM 383 34.50000 Inquiry

AK 73X B&K Precision SOUND LEVEL METER RS 232 INTERFA 384 34.50000 Inquiry

AK IR B&K Precision RS232C TO IR ADAPTER 362 36.00000 Inquiry

CR XA B&K Precision UNIVERSAL ADAPTER 319 39.50000 Inquiry

XLNRC B&K Precision RAPID OUTPUT CONNECTOR 324 40.00000 Inquiry

DRRM3U1 B&K Precision RACKMNT KIT FOR ONE 3U INSTRUMEN 339 40.00000 Inquiry

LC 40 B&K Precision CARRY CASE FOR BENCH DMM/CTR/GEN 293 44.00000 Inquiry

AT 21 B&K Precision ANTENNA R/A TELESCOPING BNC CONN 775 17.50000 Inquiry

XLNRK B&K Precision RACK MOUNT KIT FOR XLN MODELS 774 17.50000 Inquiry

760PH B&K Precision PH PROBE FOR MODEL 760 574 22.00000 Inquiry

LC2510B B&K Precision CARRYING CASE 526 24.15000 Inquiry

AK 710 B&K Precision THERMOLINK SOFTWARE W/RS-232 CAB 523 24.50000 Inquiry

AK 720 B&K Precision TESTLINK SOFTWARE W/RS-232 CABLE 539 24.50000 Inquiry

IT-E131B B&K Precision INTERFACE KIT RS232 TO TTL 535 24.86500 Inquiry

TP 3 B&K Precision DMM ACCESSORY 1270 10.00000 Inquiry

XLNPC B&K Precision XLN POWER CORD 1258 10.50000 Inquiry

BE 12 B&K Precision AC ADPT 9VDC/300MA CENTER + 1178 11.00000 Inquiry

BC 885 B&K Precision 120V AC ADAPTER 1033 12.50000 Inquiry

LC 33 B&K Precision CARRY CASE FOR 300 SERIES DMM 977 13.50000 Inquiry

PE723 B&K Precision REP CONDUCTIVITY CELL P772/P773 880 14.50000 Inquiry