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Aven, Inc.

- Aven, Inc. has been serving the industrial marketplace since 1983. Their mission has always been simple: to provide a quality product at a reasonable price, to extend cordial and knowledgeable customer service at all times, to maintain a healthy inventory for immediate delivery, and to back their products with an excellent straightforward warranty.

Aven has maintained these values for over 18 years and the results have been rewarding for both their trusted and loyal customers and the Aven Team.

The goal at Aven Tools is to develop a long-term trusting relationship with our customers, after all our success is entirely dependent upon your satisfaction.

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

26501-WB Aven Tools WEIGHTED BASE FOR MAG LAMPS 4345 - Inquiry

26003 Aven Tools RETICLE SCALE NO.1 3982 - Inquiry

26004 Aven Tools RETICLE SCALE NO.2 4321 - Inquiry

26005 Aven Tools RETICLE SCALE NO.3 4209 - Inquiry

26006 Aven Tools RETICLE SCALE NO.4 4317 - Inquiry

26505-BT4 Aven Tools BULB 9 WATT BLACK 4356 - Inquiry

26200A-212 Aven Tools ADAPTER FOR 1.125IN ID RING LGHT 4440 - Inquiry

26800B-435 Aven Tools ADAPTER FOR CCD CAMERAS 3922 - Inquiry

26800B-471 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 114MM X 114MM 3848 - Inquiry

26800B-474 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE ROTATING 135MM 3723 - Inquiry

26800B-475 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 350MM X 250MM 4163 - Inquiry

26800B-476 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 300MM X 210MM 4382 - Inquiry

26100-255-PWR Aven Tools POWER SUPPLY CAMERA 720P 3507 - Inquiry

26100-255-RC Aven Tools REMOTE CONTROL CAMERA 720P 3894 - Inquiry

26700-405 Aven Tools LCD MONITR 8" HD WITH HDMI INPUT 4137 - Inquiry

26501-B22 Aven Tools BULB REPLACEMENT 22W 90 7.38500 Inquiry

26505-B09 Aven Tools BULB REPLACEMENT 9W 82 4.98500 Inquiry

26700-400-L-4XLF Aven Tools CYCLOPS 4X LONG FOCUS LENS 15 38.11000 Inquiry

26700-400-GN02 Aven Tools CYCLOPS LASER POINTER 7 38.25000 Inquiry

26700-400-PL01 Aven Tools CYCLOPS OBJECTIVE LENS 4X WITH P 5 61.87500 Inquiry

26700-135-4D Aven Tools SHARPVUE 4D LENS 10 67.50000 Inquiry

26700-401-ICB Aven Tools IMAGE CAPTURE BOX HDMI 12 175.87500 Inquiry

26700-135-TTB Aven Tools TILT TABLE SHARPVUE 360 ESD SAFE 12 207.37500 Inquiry

26700-135-XYTB Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE PRECISION X-Y ESD 12 351.84500 Inquiry

26501-SIV-T5 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT BULB 22-WATT FOR 265 47 3.04500 Inquiry

26800B-452 Aven Tools EYE GUARDS FOR DSW EYEPIECES 7 3.14000 Inquiry

26800B-453 Aven Tools EYE GUARDS FOR DHW EYEPIECES 15 3.14000 Inquiry

26501-RC Aven Tools REPLACEMENT CLAMP FOR 26501 SRS 120 4.00000 Inquiry

26505-RC Aven Tools REPLACEMENT CLAMP FOR 26505 SRS 52 5.00000 Inquiry

26505-RC-ESD Aven Tools REPLACEMENT CLAMP FOR 26505 SRS 315 5.00000 Inquiry

26200B-209DF2 Aven Tools DIFFUSER FOR GLARE REDUCTION 117 7.47500 Inquiry

26700-400-RC Aven Tools REPLACEMENT REMOTE CNTRL CYCLOPS 1723 7.50000 Inquiry

26800B-460 Aven Tools ADAPTER TO MOUNT RING LIGHTS 40 9.14000 Inquiry

26520-MB Aven Tools MAGNETIC BASE 70 9.47500 Inquiry

26501-RBLED Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LED BOARD 105 13.50000 Inquiry

26700-151AP Aven Tools ADAPTER PLATE FOR MICRO LENS 640 27 22.50000 Inquiry

26800B-465 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS COVER 27 22.62000 Inquiry

26700-216 Aven Tools POLARIZER FOR MIGHTY SCOPE 1.3M 240 25.26000 Inquiry

26700-217 Aven Tools POLARIZER FOR MIGHTY SCOPE 5M 57 25.26000 Inquiry

26800B-429 Aven Tools ADAPTER PLATE FOR MICRO LENS 17 31.58000 Inquiry

26800B-430 Aven Tools ADAPTER PLATE FOR MACRO LENS 57 31.58000 Inquiry

26700-405H Aven Tools MONITOR HOLDR FOR 8" LCD MONITOR 30 36.31500 Inquiry

26800B-522 Aven Tools TILTABLE ARBOR VESA ADAPT PLATE 237 49.50000 Inquiry

26800B-521 Aven Tools ARBOR TILTABLE 25MM DIAMETER 115 53.70000 Inquiry

26700-156 Aven Tools COUPLR FOR VIDEO MICRO LENS 0.5X 17 65.79000 Inquiry

26700-158 Aven Tools COUPLER FOR VIDEO MICRO LENS 1X 2 78.94500 Inquiry

26800B-477 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 75MM X 56MM 128 99.95000 Inquiry

26200A-521 Aven Tools LIGHT GUIDE FOR MICRO VIDEO LENS 2 119.37000 Inquiry

26700-406 Aven Tools LCD MONITOR LED 22" HDMI INPUT 97 137.50000 Inquiry

26700-403 Aven Tools MONITOR LCD 77 167.50000 Inquiry