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Apex Tool Group

- Carl Weller started the Weller Electric Co. in Easton, PA in 1945 with the invention of the soldering gun. He was looking for a way to service the rapidly growing radio repair market. That invention was followed by the first soldering iron in 1950, followed by the first temperature controlled soldering iron in 1976.

Weller expanded into Europe in 1959. Throughout it's history, Weller has continually developed forward looking products for the consumer and industrial markets.

Weller's commitment to technology is evidenced by the seven person R&D team, with numerous patents and awards to their credit.

The Weller University training center in Apex, NC, was established in 2007. Training is provided for over 100 people per year.

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T0051383699N Apex Tool Group STAND MS36BE FOR USB MICROSCOPE 96 134.99000 Inquiry

T0051384699N Apex Tool Group USB MICROSCOPE AM4013MTL 38 354.24000 Inquiry

T0051383599N Apex Tool Group USB MICROSCOPE AM4013MTL 31 407.37500 Inquiry

T0053640799 Apex Tool Group FILTER CARTRIDGE CARBON WFE2P 353 35.70000 Inquiry

T0053632299 Apex Tool Group PIPE RIGHT ANGLE .2MX50MM WFE20D 353 35.76000 Inquiry

T0058744855N Apex Tool Group HEATING ELEMENT WP 80 369 36.19500 Inquiry

T0058735885 Apex Tool Group FINE-PARTICUL. FILTER F7 WFE 2S 374 36.29000 Inquiry

T0058744724N Apex Tool Group HEATING ELEMENT FE 75 370 36.47000 Inquiry

T0058751818 Apex Tool Group FUME EXTRACTION ADAPTER WMRP PEN 346 36.75000 Inquiry

5LL2 Apex Tool Group AIR STOPPER 5CC LUBED 1000/PK 340 37.10000 Inquiry

T0058735925 Apex Tool Group EXTRACTION HOSE 50 MM 3M LENGT 347 37.15000 Inquiry

1L2DRY Apex Tool Group STOPPER 1CC DRY 1000/PK 355 37.53500 Inquiry

AKFE11 Apex Tool Group AKFE11 ADAPTER KIT FUMEX 339 37.53500 Inquiry

T0058735938 Apex Tool Group FINE DUST FILTER F7 2S/ZS4V (10) 355 37.65000 Inquiry

T0058735863 Apex Tool Group REDUCTION DN70/40 333 37.86000 Inquiry

T0052609899N Apex Tool Group EXTENSION CORD FOR IRON 80W 3M 338 38.18500 Inquiry

3LL2 Apex Tool Group STOPPER 3CC 1000/PK 344 38.25000 Inquiry

T0053632199 Apex Tool Group PIPE BRANCH .3MX50MM WFE20D 337 38.37500 Inquiry

1L2 Apex Tool Group STOPPER 1CC 1000/PK 334 38.62500 Inquiry

6T2ADRY Apex Tool Group AIR OP STOPPER 6CC F/TAPER TIP D 328 38.75000 Inquiry

3LL2M Apex Tool Group STOPPER 3CC MANUAL 1000/PK 338 39.60500 Inquiry

T0053657499 Apex Tool Group STOP VALVE FOR WFE2S & WFE2ES 334 39.75000 Inquiry

K1111 Apex Tool Group TIP THERMOCOUPLE WELD LTB 329 40.55000 Inquiry

T0058762766 Apex Tool Group TPIECE 60MM WITH 2 CONNECTING PL 310 40.75000 Inquiry

T0058762758 Apex Tool Group FILTER FOR WFE 2X PRE-FILTER BOX 311 42.87500 Inquiry

T0058735947 Apex Tool Group PREFILTER (3) ZS2/E WFE/P/2P 294 43.38500 Inquiry

T0058762771 Apex Tool Group WFE ADAPTER 75MM TO 60MM 300 43.57000 Inquiry

K1121 Apex Tool Group THERMOCOUPLE ASSEMBLY WP120 294 44.00000 Inquiry

T0051504899N Apex Tool Group NOZZLE STAND (6UP) 51504899 288 45.05000 Inquiry

W58713798 Apex Tool Group PART CSF RUBBER INSERT 798 10/PK 290 45.50000 Inquiry

T0058735924 Apex Tool Group FILTERBAG FOR STICKY RESIDUES 273 47.25000 Inquiry

T0058744761N Apex Tool Group HEATING ELEMENT WSP 150 268 50.11000 Inquiry

30T2A Apex Tool Group STOPPER 30CC AIR DRY 50/PK 260 50.50000 Inquiry

T0053659199 Apex Tool Group WFE 2X TABLE HANGING DEVICE 256 51.50500 Inquiry

DS227 Apex Tool Group PART DESOLDERING HEAD A 251 53.50000 Inquiry

T0058762756 Apex Tool Group EXTRACTION HOSE GREY 60MM 5 MET 221 59.39000 Inquiry

T0053637399 Apex Tool Group WFAS 50 EXTRACTION ARM WITH SLOT 217 59.50000 Inquiry

T0058766725 Apex Tool Group DOWN HOLDER WQB 4000 F. PCB HOLD 225 59.50000 Inquiry

T0058755782 Apex Tool Group K THERMOCOUPLE FOR WHA300 217 60.00000 Inquiry

T0053119099 Apex Tool Group TEMPERATURE SENSOR FOR WCB2 218 60.00000 Inquiry

T0058755999 Apex Tool Group WQB COVER 218 61.50000 Inquiry

T0053659499 Apex Tool Group WFE 8S REPLACEMENT FILTER 207 64.00000 Inquiry

T0058751903 Apex Tool Group LOWER HOUSING WITH BATTERY FOR W 193 66.35000 Inquiry

T0053637899 Apex Tool Group HOOD EXTRACT WFCC50 53637899 203 66.56000 Inquiry

T0058754948N Apex Tool Group SENSOR PT100 FOR WQB 3000/ WQB 4 192 67.74500 Inquiry

T0058762777 Apex Tool Group WF 60 EXTRACTION ARM 1500MM 186 68.64000 Inquiry

PU120T Apex Tool Group POWER UNIT 120V-WTCPT 177 72.00000 Inquiry

T0053658099 Apex Tool Group WF 32 EXTRACTION ARM 175 72.00000 Inquiry

T0058755741 Apex Tool Group CIRCUIT BOARD DOWN HOLDER 182 72.00000 Inquiry

T0058736875N Apex Tool Group NA20 HOT AIR MEASURING NOZZLE 171 76.13000 Inquiry