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- Amprobe Test Tools began in the late 1940's with its first patented product the Clamp-on Ammeter. Throughout these last 60 years, the Amprobe name has become synonymous with clamp-on meters and has since expanded its product offering to over 250 items.

Becoming an established leader in quality test equipment for professionals in the electrical, maintenance, construction, and HVAC markets. Amprobe today offers a wide range of test equipment, as a preferred choice of professionals. Feature-rich products that include clamp-on ammeters, complete line of multimeters, HVAC measurement tools, power quality analyzers, electrical testers and wire/circuit tracers. Amprobe has expanded its focus to become a specialist in Power Quality (PQ) equipment, offering a full range of sophisticated equipment for field measuring and recording of PQ variables such as power, energy, harmonics, spikes, sags and surges.

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

TP73C Amprobe PROBE TIP,DM73C 6446 1.97500 Inquiry

5X20-250.5 Amprobe FUSE AM-68 4535 2.97500 Inquiry

8AG361 Amprobe FUSE 1AMP FAST BLOW 4427 2.97500 Inquiry

H-PMA Amprobe SILICONE HOLSTER 3771 3.47500 Inquiry

FP425 Amprobe 20A/600V FUSE (PKG OF 2) 3336 3.97500 Inquiry

2502-6X32 Amprobe 2 AMP FUSE 3322 3.97500 Inquiry

6.3X25-2-12 Amprobe FUSE, SPECIAL 600 VOLT 2 AMP 3183 3.97500 Inquiry

TL73C Amprobe GROUND LEAD W/ALLIGATOR CLIP,DM7 2851 4.47500 Inquiry

38SW-A Amprobe RS232 SOFTWARE/CABLE 2 17.47500 Inquiry

TACH-20-KIT1 Amprobe SET OF WHEELS FOR TACH20 263 49.97500 Inquiry

BR-7000C Amprobe AT-7000 TRANSMITTER LI-ION BATTE 258 49.97500 Inquiry

AMPRB-ET4 Amprobe 4 ST EARTH TESTING ACCESSORY KIT 224 59.97500 Inquiry

C2006 Amprobe CABLE OPTICAL SERIAL USB TYPE A 199 64.97500 Inquiry

RS-232 KIT2 Amprobe DATA DECRDR F/DMM/CLAMP-ONS 431 29.97500 Inquiry

RS-USB Amprobe RS-232 TO USB CONVERTER CABLE 368 34.97500 Inquiry


TACH-20-ADPT Amprobe ADAPTER 367 34.97500 Inquiry

C2901 Amprobe OTHER 110V PIGTAIL CORDSET 797 16.22500 Inquiry

C2902 Amprobe ALLIGATOR CLIP CORDSET 2PCS 780 16.22500 Inquiry

MO-100-LEADS Amprobe SET OF TEST LEADS FOR THE MO-100 802 16.22500 Inquiry

CC-300PRO Amprobe CASE FOR TIC 300 PRO 738 17.47500 Inquiry

TM-SWA Amprobe RS232 SOFTWARE, CABLE FOR TMD90A 717 18.72500 Inquiry

660.25-6X32 Amprobe FUSE, 1/4 AMP 679 19.47500 Inquiry

AMB-45-CABLE Amprobe USB TO 3.5MM MALE CONNECTOR COMM 636 19.97500 Inquiry

DC205C Amprobe DELUXE HARD SHELL CASE 578 22.47500 Inquiry

B2025 Amprobe OTHER 110V CONVERTER 535 23.72500 Inquiry

RLD1-SENSOR Amprobe REPLACEMENT SENSOR FOR RLD-1 541 24.97500 Inquiry

VC221B Amprobe VINYL CASE FULL SIZE METERS 1292 9.97500 Inquiry

CC-ACDC Amprobe CASE FOR ACDC3000/A1000 1170 11.22500 Inquiry

SV-U Amprobe UNIVERSAL CASE 1157 11.22500 Inquiry

PC-326 Amprobe POWER CORD 1195 11.22500 Inquiry

PT26 Amprobe PIGTAIL CONNECTOR 1146 11.22500 Inquiry

ELS2A Amprobe AC OUTLET LINE SPLITTER X1 X10 1050 12.47500 Inquiry

EPS-700 Amprobe EXT PWR SUPPLY IR-750 US 110V 1065 12.47500 Inquiry

CC-MEG CASE Amprobe SOFT CASE, 10 X 8.5 X 3.25, 01E- 977 13.72500 Inquiry

MT5-CC Amprobe CARRYING CASE FOR ACCESSORIES 907 14.97500 Inquiry

ULD-300-KIT1 Amprobe ADAPTER KIT FOR ULD-300:TEA-1,PB 863 14.97500 Inquiry

FP375 Amprobe SPARE FUSE .25A/600V 4 PER 2613 4.97500 Inquiry

VC3A Amprobe CARRYING CASE FOR PM POCKET MTRS 2736 4.97500 Inquiry

TA-1A Amprobe TEMPERATURE ADAPTER W/SHROUDS 2098 6.22500 Inquiry

5X20-216.160 Amprobe FUSE, 0.16A/250V 2176 6.22500 Inquiry

EP-1001 Amprobe EARPHONE FOR CT-326B 1727 7.47500 Inquiry

FA-6X32/.63 Amprobe 500V .63A FUSE AM-90/91 1728 7.47500 Inquiry

H-XPA Amprobe HOLSTER CLIP MAGNET & STRAP 1720 7.47500 Inquiry

TL-PRM-4 Amprobe TEST LEADS PRM-4 REPLACEMENT 1515 8.72500 Inquiry

VC30A Amprobe VINYL CARRYING CASE MED METERS 1510 8.72500 Inquiry

TACH-10-KIT1 Amprobe REFLECTIVE TAPE TIPS FOR TACH-10 1543 8.72500 Inquiry

AT-7000-R Amprobe RECEIVER,AT-7000 WIRE TRACER 26 499.97500 Inquiry

AT-7000-T Amprobe TRANSMITTER WITH LCD,AT-7000 WIR 26 499.97500 Inquiry

A-5000 Amprobe A-FRAME FOR AT-5000 24 549.98000 Inquiry