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- Amgis is a manufacturer/importer of high frequency inductive components and AC/DC power supplies. We import and export components daily through our purchasing and sales networking systems, including India, Asia, Europe, and the United States. The majority of our standard components are manufactured at our ISO9001 certified facility located in Salem, India. Our strength is in our service, having qualified engineers at all of our locations, and exceptional customer service teams, we can qualify most requirements and have answers to requests within hours instead of days.

Amgis was originally a subsidiary of the Talema Group and carries all the Talema high frequency component lines, including power inductors, common mode chokes, current sensors, telecom products, and networking products. Also, we have diversified into the switching power supply market, including standard lines and custom designs, both open style and enclosed. By drawing upon the resources of our extensive worldwide network, Amgis provides its customers with high quality components at very competitive prices.

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View

CAOV-4.0-2.2 Amgis, LLC CMC 2.2MH 4A 2LN TH 542 4.52000 Inquiry

CAOV-7.5-3.3 Amgis, LLC CMC 3.3MH 7.5A 2LN TH 1345 4.93000 Inquiry

CAX-0.4-100 Amgis, LLC CMC 100MH 400MA 2LN TH 9242 1.42715 Inquiry

CAOH-6.1-0.33 Amgis, LLC CMC 330UH 6.1A 2LN TH 7976 1.59075 Inquiry

CAF-6.1-0.33 Amgis, LLC CMC 330UH 6.1A 2LN TH 7153 1.77256 Inquiry

CAF-0.5-68 Amgis, LLC CMC 68MH 500MA 2LN TH 6961 1.84577 Inquiry

CLJ-2-102 Amgis, LLC CMC 1MH 500MA 2LN SMD 15000 0.96960 Inquiry

CLJ-2-203 Amgis, LLC CMC 20MH 140MA 2LN SMD 12870 1.04535 Inquiry

CAO-4.6-0.15 Amgis, LLC CMC 150UH 4.6A 2LN TH 12679 1.04536 Inquiry

CLJ-2-473 Amgis, LLC CMC 47MH 100MA 2LN SMD 11893 1.09838 Inquiry

CMJ-4-472 Amgis, LLC CMC 4.7MH 200MA 4LN SMD 10574 1.24988 Inquiry

CAB-2.2-47 Amgis, LLC CMC 47MH 2.2A 2LN TH 2360 5.35200 Inquiry

CAV-16-0.15 Amgis, LLC CMC 150UH 16A 2LN TH 3466 3.87030 Inquiry

CAV-7.5-3.3 Amgis, LLC CMC 3.3MH 7.5A 2LN TH 2870 4.60560 Inquiry

CAB-4.0-3.3 Amgis, LLC CMC 3.3MH 4A 2LN TH 4111 3.17796 Inquiry

CAO-5.0-1.5 Amgis, LLC CMC 1.5MH 5A 2LN TH 6657 1.97250 Inquiry

CCJ-4-221 Amgis, LLC CMC 220UH 330MA 4LN SMD 6189 2.06040 Inquiry

TVHS-1.0-103 Amgis, LLC CMC 10MH 1A 2LN SMD 6119 2.18160 Inquiry

TVHS-2.5-302 Amgis, LLC CMC 3MH 2.5A 2LN SMD 5383 2.38664 Inquiry

DJ-503 Amgis, LLC INDUCT ARRAY 2 COIL 25UH T/H 3943 3.36125 Inquiry

LCP5-3.00-22 Amgis, LLC INDUCT ARRAY 2 COIL 22UH SMD 7289 1.86648 Inquiry

SH150S-1.54-77 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 77UH 1.54A 200 MOHM 5625 1.35644 Inquiry

SH150S-2.24-37 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 37UH 2.24A 100 MOHM 5000 1.44228 Inquiry

SH150C-2.22-114 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 114UH 2.22A 100 MOHM 5160 3.00000 Inquiry

SH150C-3.00-110 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 110UH 3A 90 MOHM TH 1272 4.05500 Inquiry

SH50S-0.9-330 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 330UH 900MA 740 MOHM 4375 1.55388 Inquiry

SH50C-3.0-100 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 100UH 3A 40 MOHM TH 4775 2.89500 Inquiry

SH50C-3.0-47 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 47UH 3A 50 MOHM TH 39230 2.44000 Inquiry

SH50C-3.0-150 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 150UH 3A 100 MOHM TH 1915 2.74000 Inquiry

SH50C-3.0-220 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 220UH 3A 70 MOHM TH 627 3.52500 Inquiry

SH150S-2.74-24 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 24UH 2.74A 70 MOHM SMD 6875 1.44228 Inquiry

SH150S-0.54-173 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 173UH 540MA 600 MOHM 937 1.22765 Inquiry

SH150T-1.87-53 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 53UH 1.87A 130 MOHM TH 1662 3.08500 Inquiry

SH50C-3.0-330 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 330UH 3A 150 MOHM TH 1962 3.43000 Inquiry

SH50C-2.0-470 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 470UH 2A 170 MOHM TH 4107 3.48500 Inquiry

SH50C-0.95-1000 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 1MH 950MA 240 MOHM TH 525 3.80500 Inquiry

SH150S-3.00-38 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 38UH 3A 50 MOHM SMD 7500 2.08616 Inquiry

SH150S-3.00-77 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 77UH 3A 80 MOHM SMD 750 2.11190 Inquiry

SH50F-3.0-47 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 47UH 3A 50 MOHM TH 3235 2.32000 Inquiry

SH50S-2.0-150 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 150UH 2A 100 MOHM SMD 5850 2.62600 Inquiry

SH50F-0.9-330 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 330UH 900MA 740 MOHM 2557 2.74000 Inquiry

SH50F-1.4-220 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 220UH 1.4A 380 MOHM TH 2310 2.74000 Inquiry

SH50C-2.0-150 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 150UH 2A 100 MOHM TH 1005 2.74000 Inquiry

SH50F-0.85-680 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 680UH 850MA 1.25 OHM 612 2.75500 Inquiry

SH150T-1.54-77 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 77UH 1.54A 200 MOHM TH 1435 2.76500 Inquiry

SH150T-1.26-112 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 112UH 1.26A 300 MOHM 1397 2.76500 Inquiry

SH150T-0.68-377 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 377UH 680MA 1 OHM TH 1762 2.80500 Inquiry

SH150T-0.83-248 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 248UH 830MA 600 MOHM 332 2.80500 Inquiry

SH150C-3.00-17 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 17UH 3A 50 MOHM TH 1090 2.86000 Inquiry

SH150T-2.24-37 Amgis, LLC FIXED IND 37UH 2.24A 100 MOHM TH 877 2.94500 Inquiry