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Adapteva, Inc.

-Adapteva, Inc. is a privately held semiconductor company that has developed the world's most energy efficient and scalable multicore processor chip, designed for parallel computing.

Adapteva's groundbreaking Epiphany multicore architecture represents a new class of massively parallel computer architectures that is the future of computing and will disrupt a wide range of end markets from compact low power devices to next generation supercomputers. To enable parallel programming in heterogeneous environments, Adapteva is adopting an open source approach making the architecture, interface and programming information available to all.

Adapteva is the sponsor of the Parallella project and the designer of the Parallella board. The Parallella project is a community driven project dedicated to the promotion and progress of parallel processing and the use of the Epiphany architecture.

The goal of the Parallella project is to democratize access to parallel computing through providing an affordable open hardware platform and open source tools, and supporting learning and the development of software which is able to harness the power of parallel systems.

The Parallella board is an open platform to explore, prototype and contribute to an open source library of expertise, information and code samples for the benefit of the community.

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ACC1600-01 Adapteva Inc. PARALLELLA-16 PORCUPINE BOARD 380 22.50000 Inquiry

ACC1601-01 Adapteva Inc. PARALLELLA ENCLOSURE ALUMINUM 581 22.50000 Inquiry

P1600-DK02 Adapteva Inc. PARALLELLA-16 MICRO-SERVER 187 63.31000 Inquiry

P1601-DK02 Adapteva Inc. PARALLELLA-16 DESKTOP COMPUTER 552 79.27000 Inquiry

P1602-DK02 Adapteva Inc. PARALLELLA-16 EMBEDDED PLATFORM 15 132.47000 Inquiry