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InnoSwitch Switcher IC - Power Integrations

Power Integrations InnoSwitch™ family combines primary, secondary, and feedback circuits in a single surface-mounted off-line flyback switcher IC. The InnoSwitch IC incorporates the primary FET, the primary-side controller, a secondary-side controller for synchronous rectification, and FluxLink™ technology to eliminate the need for an optocoupler.

InnoSwitch features Power Integrations' proprietary FluxLink™communication technology. FluxLink enables feedback information to be delivered across an isolation barrier without the use of magnetic materials. FluxLink delivers a very high communication bandwidth, which enables a much faster load-transient response. In addition, FluxLink is highly reliable and does not suffer from the typical optocoupler degradation mechanisms. FluxLink is embedded into the package and thereby eliminates the need for bulky optocouplers. Because it saves space and increases power density, the technology is particularly beneficial for adapters and chargers. Furthermore, this proprietary technology meets all global noise immunity standards. For safety, FluxLink complies with UL and TUV global isolation standards as well as the more stringent CQC 5,000 meter Chinese safety standard.

  • Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint
    • Incorporates flyback controller, 725V MOSFET, secondary-side sensing and synchronous rectification
    • FluxLink™ integrated HIPOT-isolated, feedback link
  • EcoSmart™- Energy Efficient
    • <10mW No-load @ 230VAC when supplied by transformer bias winding
    • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations
  • Advanced Protection / Safety Features
    • Primary sensed output OVP
    • Secondary sensed output overshoot clamp
    • Secondary sensed output OCP to zero output voltage
    • Hysteretic thermal shutdown
  • Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance
    • 100% production HIPOT compliance testing at 6kV DC/1 sec
    • Reinforced insulation
    • Isolation voltage >3,500VAC
    • UL1577 and TUV (EN60950) safety approved
    • EN61000-4-8 (100A/m) and EN61000-4-9 (1000A/m) compliant
  • Green Package
    • Halogen free and RoHS compliant
  • InnoSwitch-EP 
    • Appliance, industrial, and smart lighting
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  • InnoSwitch-CH
    • Chargers and adapters for smart mobile devices
    • LED lighting
    • High efficiency, low voltage, high current power supplies 
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  • InnoSwitch-CP
    • QC 3.0 and USB PD chargers
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  • InnoSwitch-CE
    • High current charger and adapters for mobile devices
    • Consumer Electronics such as set top boxes, networking, gaming
    • LED lighting
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