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Aerospace and Defense 25+ Continuous Years Supporting Aerospace and Defense

25+ Continuous Years Supporting Aerospace and Defense

buy-components serves the aerospace and defense industry with commercial, defense, and space grade system-level solutions that span industry-leading FPGA and SoC devices, advanced IP solutions, and the next generation of all programmable design tools..

Our heritage has led to a deep understanding of our customers and the requirements to successfully implement and deploy the next generation of ground-based, airborne, and space-based applications. Continuous focus on this market enables buy-components to reduce mission risk and system cost with our industry-leading solutions.

Silicon Devices

Heritage in specialized defense-grade silicon products makes buy-components the smart choice to meet the rigorous demands of rugged environments and military systems. Defense-grade devices include, amongst other things, extended temperature range and fully leaded (Pb) components in ruggedized packaging.

A&D Segment Solutions
Avionics & UAV
Military Communications & Public Safety Radio
Missiles and Munitions
Secure Solutions
Situational Awareness

A&D Cross-segment Solutions

Explore the following interactive table to learn how buy-components addresses horizontal technology needs of A&D applications